Our Goals
You want to look good in your senior photographs?
This is our goal.
You want to have original photographs? 
This is our goal.
You want to feel comfortable? 

We want your photographs to be everything you want them to be. We want you to be glad you chose our studio. We want you to feel at home, and we want you to be completely and totally thrilled with your portraits. We will accept nothing less if you choose us to take your senior portraits.

We strive for variety.
One of the things Memories by Kim is known for is our huge variety. Not just ‘several’ backgrounds, TONS and TONS of backgrounds. 

Ever since we have been in business, we have heard seniors say things like, “My friend went to ‘studio xyz’ and every image looked just like my other friends pictures that went there. I wanted something different.”  That’s why they came to us. Memories by Kim has so many different backgrounds we can’t even count them.

People tell us that we have a huge studio. We would love for it to be even bigger! It’s tricky to cram well over 100 backgrounds in our camera room. Not to mention the three rooms full of props and accessories to be used by any whim we may have while taking pictures. We have TONS of backgrounds and props in our studio. And that’s just the inside.

You will be able to roam over 20 acres of ground to get your pictures taken on: a small lake with a dock, various wooded areas, a prairie, old buildings, barn scenes, urban scenes, castle scenes, front porches, swings, old cars, a Studebaker truck, a windmill, rocks, a rail-road, paths, landscaping….I could keep going, but you get the idea. And it really doesn’t do much justice unless you come and check it out yourself. 

Feel free to set up a tour with us. Our staff would love to show you around and give you all the information that you need!

It is important for you to let us know what you like. Here at Memories by Kim, if you have any special requests, we will do whatever we can to try and accommodate you. We use some of the newest professional digital equipment, and have all of the new fantastic software to go with it. We spend thousands of dollars every year to stay on the cutting edge of all the cool stuff. Special effects, matting, fonts, edges, multiple image composites—these are all everyday things here. If you have an idea, chances are we can put your idea into a photograph. In fact, our artists LOVE thinking outside the box, and trying new things. So give them a challenge! Speaking of our artists, they will retouch your images to make you look great. Skin imperfections and any special instructions are fixed, so you don’t have to worry about a stray hair, or that pimple that just popped up the morning of your pictures. Your images are then sent to our highly reputable professional digital lab that we have partnered with to ensure that your photographs will be of utmost quality.

We hope that this gives you a good overview of what our studio is all about. If you have any questions or comments or would like a tour of our studio, give us a call or shoot us an email.


The way that we do things here, you will come in on the date we have scheduled. We have two session options for seniors, either a Deluxe session or a Basic session. The Deluxe session is our most popular option, it allows for an hour and half plus 5 outfit changes, inside and outside. Our Basic session is a 45 minute session with two changes of clothing, inside and outside. We move fast and make it fun. Another thing you will want to know is the faster you change, the more images you will have!

After your session, our artists are busy selecting, color correcting and cropping your images. About a week after, your pictures will be ready to be viewed and picked up. We will put together a slideshow presentation for you and your loved ones to watch. This is always a fun part of the process, and enables you to see the images on a large screen. You will also be able to take the proofbook out of the studio (for a deposit) to help you choose which photographs you would like.

Approximately 2 weeks after you pick up the proofbook will be your scheduled ordering date. Our sales representatives are knowledgeable in all of the workings of our studio and all of the new cutting edge products and will be able to help you through the ordering process. They are also trained in graphic design and can design and manipulate your photographs in any way you would like.

Depending on the season, your pictures will be ready to be picked up in 1-2 months. Ready to be distributed and hung on your wall!