Growing Memories Club

Become a Member


When your child joins our Growing Memories Club, with a one-time membership fee of $83 per child or our sibling membership (all of your children under the age of 12) for $129, you will receive unlimited regular children's sessions up until your child begins school. This is especially beneficial during that first year to take advantage of newborn, 3mo, 6mo, 9mo and 12mo pictures to capture how quickly your child grows. Also, you will also receive a 10% discount off your children's order from a regular session. Our customers have already saved more than the initial start up fee by their 2nd session because of the great benefits received by being a part of our Growing Memories Club!

In addition, you will also be included in our mailing list for our mini promotions that we have throughout the year. Bunny Days and HoHo Days are always a hit! Our promotions are offered at a significantly lower rate than our regularly prices images. (The 10% discount does not apply at our promotions.)

Watch Me Grow

watchmegrow copy.jpg

We also have a "Watch me Grow" album. Once you are in our Growing Memories Club, your album can be purchased in four installments. When your child turns a certain age (the age is up to you) we will custom design an album for you with any images you would like. For instance, your album could cover your child's entire first year, or include 2 yr and 3 yr images. What a great gift to pass on to your child someday!

Similarly, we also offer composites featuring your child's first year. These composites are all custom designed and include a frame and glass. You can choose the images each time you come in, or choose to design it all in one sitting.

2creed-1MyFirstYear copy 3.jpg