Family photographs and documents are often among a family's most prized possessions because they provide a tangible link to the past.

Most people say that if their house was burning down, they would save their family photographs, above any other possessions. Why?

Family photos tell a story. They are the tangible evidence of family history and should be cherished, treasured and passed down through the generations. They are moments, frozen in time, that describe you and your loved ones.

Marv's brother and cousin.

Marv's brother and cousin.

Here at Memories by Kim, we are passionate about preserving those moments. You pick out the outfits, get your family to the studio and we'll take care of the rest.

Taking family pictures is an investment,

and it is a worthwhile one.  When you buy a photograph, it holds a certain amount of value. You put it in a prominent place in your home, place it on your work desk where you'll see it every time you walk in. You place it in your wallet to show to others or so you can look at it when you are thinking about your significant other. 

Over the course of time, your family grows, and you need to replace that big picture on your wall in order to include the new, precious lives that have graced your family. The value of the old photos do not diminish, they are just set aside until later. The new photographs then are placed in those prominent places of your life, because you love your family.

Marv's parents and brother.

Marv's parents and brother.

Think about it this way. When that photograph of your parents was taken, their lives were full of color and energy and they were excited to take on the world. They wasn't thinking about how generation after generation would be looking at that photo, they were just thinking about tomorrow! After 10 or so years, that picture was taken off the wall and placed carefully in the ceder chest, forgotten for a little while. Forgotten, because when you wanted to see them, you just stopped by their home.

Now, maybe you cannot do that any longer. You found that picture, and hung it on your wall, because you miss them. 

That image to you is now priceless.

This is what will happen to your family photographs. It is like planting a tree: the best time to plant it was twenty years ago.

 In other words, please don't waste any more time. Make family portraits a priority. It doesn't even matter to us if you choose us to photograph your family or not. Go make memories, and please make sure you document them. You won't regret it.

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What you need to know about our process

The way that we do things here, you and your family will come in on the date we have scheduled. Session times differ, depending on how large your family is. A small family will usually take about 45 minutes, while a larger family we schedule about an hour and a half to ensure we get all of the pictures you want. We have a variety of backgrounds and depending on the season will photograph inside and outside pictures during this time. We move fast and make it fun. 

After your session, our artists are busy selecting, color correcting and cropping your images. About a week after, your pictures will be ready to be viewed and picked up. We will put together a slideshow presentation for you and your loved ones to watch. This is always a fun part of the process, and enables you to see the images on a large screen. You will also be able to take the proofbook out of the studio (for a deposit) to help you choose which photographs you would like,

Approximately 2 weeks after you pick up the proofbook will be your scheduled ordering date. Our sales representatives are knowledgeable in all of the workings of our studio and all of the new cutting edge products and will be able to help you through the ordering process. They are also trained in graphic design and can design and manipulate your photographs in any way you would like.

Depending on the season, your pictures will be ready to be picked up in 1-2 months. Ready to be distributed and hung on your wall!

We look forward to working with you!