U s on our 26th wedding anniversary.

Us on our 26th wedding anniversary.

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Our family

Our family

We believe documenting life is important.


Hello! Kim here. You know, I don't have very many pictures of myself growing up. In fact, the photographs we have of my family were photographs that I took with a point-and-shoot back in the 70's ( the faded grainy look that is so popular to emulate these days? That describes all of my childhood pictures. Maybe you can relate? Technology sure has come a long ways.) My kids love to look at those pictures. They like to see what I looked like, what I wore. When I look at them, memories come back to me like a flood.

It is important to have photographs of your life. To remember. To laugh. To cry. To share.

To pass down through the generations.

28 years ago, Marv and I were married. I opened my own little photography studio in the basement of our farmhouse. It was the beginning of something so much bigger than either of us could have anticipated. In 1992, it grew so much that we needed to build a studio. Turns out, we had built it too small and needed to add on (three times).

Marv is a farmer at heart, but in 1995 he quit farming to join me in the photography business. Marv is also a great carpenter, and he has built every background we have outside on our property. Together, we have become a 'dynamic duo' :) He usually takes the pictures and I do all of the posing (which is a lot harder than you would think!) It definitely takes the two of us, especially when we are photographing children or families. 

We have 7 children, all of whom have worked at the studio in some facility, whether helping with the landscaping, answering telephones, assisting with putting the proof books together, graphic design work, they have even helped with photographing from time to time. Our children are all grown up now! We are very proud of them.